Jagger International Company Limited (“Jagger International”) was established in 2014, our management team has over 10 years of experience in Hong Kong wine, spirits and beverage markets and has established an extensive sale network in different channels, such as supermarkets, convenient stores, wholesalers and retailers, HORECA.


Jagger International  has a deep knowledge about the local market. Jagger International  serves and fully understand what challenges their customers are faced with in their everyday business lives. Jagger International is proactive in our market approach and are able to adapt to shifts in demands from the market and are able to communicate these changes back so that we can adapt our products and services to these changes fast.

"A good relationship between supplier and distributor is based on frequent communication, an open and constructive dialogue and the ability to benefit from the strength of both parties in the relationship."


Through our extensive sales networks, Jagger International will grow along with the manufacturers sustainably and significantly.

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